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There have been major advances in contact lenses over the past 10 years, which means that more people than ever can benefit from the freedom and convenience that contact lens wear brings.

Before we can start, an up to date eye examination is required (within the past 12 months), then a clinical assessment by our optometrist will determine your suitability for contact lenses. Following this we will then advise the best options for you and your lifestyle, and arrange a trial of the most suitable contact lenses. We teach you how to insert and remove the contact lenses safely and carefully and advise on the cleaning regime (if required).

We offer many types of contact lenses which are now available for most presciptions, including toric (for astigmatism) and multifocal.

Daily disposable soft lenses are the most convenient and healthiest form of contact lens wear, as they don't require any cleaning as a fresh pair are always used.

Fortnightly (Acuvue) soft lenses, 2 pairs are used per month, which require a simple cleaning proceedure each time they are used.

Monthly soft lenses, the same pair are used for a month (removing at night), and also require a simple cleaning proceedure each time they are used.

We also fit gas permeable contact lenses.

A direct debit scheme is available for contact lens wearers

Please contact us to arrange a contact lens assessment.