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We offer both NHS and private eye examinations in the practice, and true to our ethos of providing excellent clinical care, we allow 30 minutes per appointment, ensuring a thorough, unhurried examination is performed.

We begin by asking a few questions to determine any problems or concerns you may be having with your eyes or vision, and from there we will conduct a full examination, addressing those concerns.

We have invested fully in the latest optical technology over the past few years, and in addition to the routine tests that are carried out, we can also offer Digital Retinal Photography which enables the optometrists to photograph the retina (back of the eye) for early detection of eye diseases or problems such as glaucoma and macula degeneration, and for monitoring purposes.

We are also able to digitally photograph the front of the eye with our Digital Slit Lamp. This again proves very beneficial for monitoring on-going problems, for contact lens wearers, and for general documentation.

The optometrist carries out all parts of the eye examination, including any additional investigations such as visual field testing and the digital photography, allowing you to be fully informed of the eye examination outcome and any recommendations for spectacles, before leaving the consulting room.